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How to glaze fish for grilling and BBQ
How to glaze fish for grilling and BBQ
How to glaze meat for grilling and BBQ from Katana
How to glaze meat for grilling and BBQ
Катана изображение
How to cook meat in Tempura
Маринована свинина для гриля та барбекю Korean Style - покроковий рецепт від Катана
How to marinate meat for grilling and BBQ
Маринована курка для гриля та барбекю Japanese Style рецепт від Катана
Marinated chicken for grilling and barbecue Japanese Style
Маринована свинина для гриля та барбекю Korean Style - покроковий рецепт від Катана
Marinated pork for grilling and barbecuing Korean Style
Як приготувати японський суп Рамен Місо вдома Катана
How to make ramen at home
WOK локшина удон в соусі Теріякі - покроковий рецепт від Katana
WOK udon noodles in teriyaki sauce
WOK Soba noodles in black pepper sauce - a step-by-step Katana recipe
WOK buckwheat noodles Soba in black pepper sauce
WOK локшина бобова в устричному соусі - покроковий рецепт Katana
WOK bean noodles in oyster sauce
Як робити суші вдома - покроковий рецепт від Катана
How to make sushi
Як приготувати WOK вдома
How to cook WOK at home
Калифорния с лососем в кунжуте
California roll recipe with salmon in sesame
Калифорния с лососем в икре мойвы
California roll recipe with salmon in capelin caviar
Футомакі з лососем
Futomaki roll recipe with salmon
Рецепт макі рол з лососем
Maki roll recipe with salmon
Філадельфія з лососем
Philadelphia roll recipe with salmon
Рецепт ролу футомакі з овочами
Futomaki sushi recipe with vegetables
Рецепт макі ролу з огірком
Recipe for maki roll with cucumber
Овочевий рол в кунжуті
Vegetable roll in sesame
Рецепт ролу Філадельфія з копченим вугром
Philadelphia roll recipe with smoked eel
Кімбап (корейські роли)
Kimbap (Korean rolls)
Боніто роли
Bonito rolls
Суші буріто
Sushi burrito
Рецепт макі ролу з вугром і огірком
Recipe for maki roll with eel and cucumber
Макі ролл з крабовим мясом
Recipe for maki roll with crab meat
Технология приготовления риса для суши
Technology of rice preparation for sushi
Рецепт норі макі
Norimaki sushi
Рецепт приготування салату з шиїтаке і спаржевою квасолею
Recipe for making salad with shiitake and asparagus beans
Рецепт ролу Каліфорнія з копченим вугром в кунжуті
California roll recipe with smoked eel in sesame
Фунчоза з яловичиною та овочами
Funchoza with beef and vegetables
Рецепт макі ролу з вугром
Recipe for maki roll with eel
Суп з локшиною удон
Soup with udon noodles
Соба з морепродуктами
Soba with seafood
Рецепт салату Вакаме
Wakame salad recipe
Рецепт рисової локшини зі свининою в соєвому соусі
Recipe for rice noodles with pork in soy sauce
Рецепт локшини Ло-Мейн із куркою та овочами
Chicken and Vegetable Lo-Maine Noodles Recipe
Рецепт сингапурської локшини з куркою
Recipe for Singapore noodles with chicken
Соба з креветками та овочами
Soba with shrimps and vegetables
Рецепт локшини чоу мейн з куркою
Recipe for chow mein noodles with chicken
Запечені роли з мідіями
Baked rolls with mussels
Рецепт лапши с курицей в соусе терияки
Recipe for noodles with chicken in teriyaki sauce
Рецепт собы с овощами
Recipe for soba with vegetables
Рецепт широкої рисової локшини з телятиною в кунжутному соусі
Recipe for wide rice noodles with veal in sesame sauce
Рецепт жареной лапши с креветками
Recipe for fried noodles with shrimp
Рецепт хрустальной бобовой лапши
Recipe for crystal bean noodles
Рецепт жареного риса с курицей
Recipe for fried rice with chicken
Рецепт приготування тушкованої яловичини з маринованим імбиром
A recipe for stewed beef with pickled ginger
Удон зі свининою та овочами
Udon with pork and vegetables
Рецепт локшини Якісоба з куркою
Yakisoba noodles recipe with chicken
Рецепт рисової локшини з куркою та овочами по-китайськи
Recipe for rice noodles with chicken and vegetables in Chinese
Рецепт ролу Каліфорнія з копченим вугром в ікрі масаго
California roll recipe with smoked eel in masago caviar
Рецепт мисо-супа с соевым сыром тофу
Recipe for miso soup with tofu soy cheese
Рецепт роллу в кунжуті з вершковим сиром і грибами шиїтаке
Sesame roll recipe with cream cheese and shiitake mushrooms
Рецепт салата с морской капустой и грибами
Salad recipe with seaweed and mushrooms
Как выглядит заправка для риса Katana
Sushi Rice Dressing Recipe
Рецепт риса с кокосовым молоком и манго
Recipe for rice with coconut milk and mango
Рецепт ролу з лососем у рисовому папері
Salmon roll recipe in rice paper
Рецепт ролів з куркою
Recipe for rolls with chicken
Рецепт ролу Золотий Дракон
Golden Dragon roll recipe
Спрінг-роли з овочами в рисовому папері
Spring rolls with vegetables in rice paper

Everything for cooking Asian dishes

Products for sushi

Not so long ago, Asian food seemed to us something exotic and incomprehensible, but it turned out that these dishes are very tasty and healthy. In addition, they can be prepared quite easily at your home. With us, oriental cuisine becomes even closer, because everything for Asian dishes can be purchased in the stores of your city. Start your journey to the land of flavors right now!

What makes Katana products so special?

  • Katana offers a wide range of products of excellent quality that meet the highest standards.
  • Our ingredients are carefully selected to help you create tasty and authentic pan-Asian and Japanese dishes quickly and easily
  • From popular sauces to healthy coconut products, we offer a range of products for sushi and dishes from Asia that are sure to satisfy your craving for something exotic.

Ingredients for Asian dishes from Katana

We offer an array of popular Asian ingredients that can help you create authentic Asian dishes. Our selection includes:

  • Asian sauces. Our collection of soy sauce, teriyaki, and oyster sauce can add an unforgettable taste to your dishes!
  • Coconut products are popular Asian products. They are indispensable for supporters of healthy food and vegetarians.
  • Wasabi and ginger – japanese staples that are used in sushi dishes and other Asian recipes.
  • Sesame and sesame oil are very popular ingredients for many Asian dishes, our sesame oil and crunchy sesame seeds can add a rich, nutty taste to your meals.
  • Asian mushrooms. They are stored in dried form and soaked before cooking. Shiitake has a bright mushroom taste and aroma, while muer is sweet and slightly crunchy. These are common toppings for rice, noodles and soup.
  • Asian spices. These products from Asia allow you to create a truly oriental dish by adding just a touch of spicy wasabi or umami-flavored bonito khondashi.
  • Rice products. Sushi rice, rice vinegar, mirin and rice paper will allow you to create authentic oriental treats.
  • Ready meals. Do you want something exotic, but don’t always have time to prepare your favorite treat? Just heat up the finished dish and enjoy!
  • Noodles. It is an indispensable ingredient in many Asian dishes. It is perfect for cooking wok, soups and various salads.
  • Algae. These are very popular products for Asian dishes. Nori is a must-have for sushi, besides, they, like kelp, are often used to prepare soups, salads and other oriental dishes.
  • For miso soups. The main ingredients of miso soup are, of course, miso paste itself, as well as wakame seaweed. These products give the broth a unique exotic umami taste.
  • Utensils for sushi. Here you can find everything for Asian dishes, both ingredients and bamboo sticks with a special mat. The makisu (bamboo mat) will help you prepare most of the treats, and the chopsticks will help you eat them deliciously.

Aside from our products, we also share recipes and lifehacks to help you enjoy Asian cooking at home. Discover our selection of products today and start your journey to the delicious and satisfying world of Asian cuisine.

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