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Recipes for Asian soups and salads

The Japanese have a great love for preparing soups and broths, which they often include in their lunch and dinner. Depending on the region they reside in, Asian soups are made based on broths of vegetables, fish or meat. Solid components like shiitake mushrooms, seaweed, beans or soybeans, local spices, and seasonings are then added to the soups.

There are many types of hot liquid dishes in Japan, all with their own unique tastes and original characters. The most famous among them is miso soup, made from soy paste, a popular ingredient in many dishes. Miso soup with tofu cheese is considered a particularly exquisite recipe.

What are the taste differences between Asian soups and salads and European ones?

Asian salads are highly regarded on Japanese tables. Their simple daily salads are made up of one or more types of algae in free combinations, often seasoned with sauces, wasabi, ginger, and nuts. They also prepare warm salads, which often include fish, seafood, and seaweed, warmed up with the addition of sauces before serving. Cold salads are mainly vegetable-based, similar to the traditional European taste, which often includes daikon, fenugreek, ginger, and wasabi.

Japanese soup is more of a drink than an independent “first course” like in Europe, usually served with fish or meat. Soups in Japan are highly nutritious, as the liquid contains a lot of minerals and vitamins. Similar to European soup, broth-based cooking technology is used, but components that create taste differences are added, such as fermented beans, marinated meat, starch, algae, and dried fish chips.

Asian salads have more similarities to European vegetables and often use the same components and popular dressings like cucumbers, radish, cabbage, carrot, and soy sauce. The best Asian salads are probably those that have a special, unusual taste for us, such as combinations of different types of seaweed seasoned with sauces.

Katana offers various Asian recipe collections, including soups and salads. One of their popular dishes is miso soup with tofu soy cheese, which you can make at home with ingredients purchased from Prom.ua or ROZETKA online stores. From their collection, you can also try their homemade Asian salads, such as seaweed and mushroom, wakame, or shiitake and asparagus beans. Their recipe collection is constantly updated with new dishes, so it’s best to check their website for more.

Recipes for Asian soups and salads