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Рецепт приготування салату з шиїтаке і спаржевою квасолею
Recipe for making salad with shiitake and asparagus beans
Суп з локшиною удон
Soup with udon noodles
Рецепт салату Вакаме
Wakame salad recipe
Рецепт приготування тушкованої яловичини з маринованим імбиром
A recipe for stewed beef with pickled ginger
Рецепт мисо-супа с соевым сыром тофу
Recipe for miso soup with tofu soy cheese
Рецепт салата с морской капустой и грибами
Salad recipe with seaweed and mushrooms

Recipes for Asian soups and salads

The Japanese love to prepare soups and broths, using them for lunch and dinner. Recipes for Asian soups, depending on the region of residence, are prepared on the basis of broths:

  • vegetables,
  • fish,
  • meat

Then solid ingredients from the local natural environment are added to them: shiitake mushrooms, seaweed, beans or soybeans, local spices and seasonings.

There are many hot liquid dishes in Japan, and they all have their own special tastes, even original characters. The most famous is miso, based on soy paste, a popular ingredient in many dishes. The recipe for miso soup with tofu cheese is considered particularly exquisite.

Asian salads are revered on the Japanese table. A simple daily salad for them consists of one or more types of algae in a free combination. They are often seasoned with sauces, wasabi, ginger, and nuts.

They also prepare warm salads, which can include fish, seafood, and seaweed. They are warmed up with the addition of sauces before serving.

Cold salads are mainly vegetable, similar to the traditional European taste. It often includes such components as

  • daikon, a type of radish
  • fenugreek, a type of celery
  • ginger, the popular root of the plant
  • wasabi, a variety of our horseradish with a milder taste.

What are the taste differences between Asian soups and salads and European ones?

Although soups are traditionally prepared in European, especially Slavic, kitchens, they have little resemblance to Japanese ones. For the Japanese, it is more of a drink that is served with a meal (fish or meat), and not an independent “first course”, like here. Often a Japanese person’s day begins with a bowl of miso, sometimes they drink several cups a day. Soups in Japan are extremely nutritious, the liquid contains many minerals and vitamins.

Apparently, the similarity with our soup lies in the use of broth-based cooking technology. Then the components that create taste differences are added. Japanese soup can contain:

  • fermented beans,
  • marinated meat,
  • starch,
  • algae,
  • dried fish chips.

European components are used in unusual combinations and create special intriguing flavors. Before preparing Asian soups at home, be sure to visit the page of life hacks for cooking Asian dishes.

Salads of Asian cuisine are more similar to the European composition of vegetables, the same components and popular dressings are often used:

  • cucumbers,
  • radish,
  • cabbage,
  • carrot,
  • dressing with soy sauce.

The best Asian salads are probably those that have a special, unusual taste for us. Combinations of different types of seaweed seasoned with sauces are considered traditional.

What salads and soups can be prepared using recipes from Katana?

Passion for cooking causes no less excitement among gourmets than football or playing poker – among fans of these games. We can’t wait to cook delicious Asian soups at home with you. Having tried to prepare a recipe for miso soup with tofu soy cheese from Katana, you will surprise your loved ones with the bright taste of the dish. The main ingredients can be purchased in Prom.ua and ROZETKA online stores, and step-by-step cooking recipes can be found on the website. The next attempt can be any broth-based soup.

From the Katana collection, you can try home-made Asian salads as an additional dish or an independent dinner. Preparation features are described on the website for the following salads:

with seaweed and mushrooms. A stunning, unusual combination of flavors, a wealth of trace elements, iodine, selenium, with vegetable protein.
wakame Made from seaweed with an interesting dressing.
with shiitake and asparagus beans. Hearty, high-calorie, filled with various types of vegetable protein.

The collection of recipes from Katana is constantly replenished, use the site to find out what’s new.

Recipes for Asian soups and salads