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How to glaze fish for grilling and BBQ
How to glaze fish for grilling and BBQ
How to glaze meat for grilling and BBQ from Katana
How to glaze meat for grilling and BBQ
Маринована свинина для гриля та барбекю Korean Style - покроковий рецепт від Катана
How to marinate meat for grilling and BBQ

Recipes for BBQ and grill

Barbecue and grill recipes are unforgettable outdoor culinary adventures. Here you will find a wide selection of dishes specially designed for cooking on a barbecue or grill, and products from Katana will help you make it easy and bright.

These recipes are designed to turn your gatherings with family and friends into an exquisite cooking show. They offer a variety of meat, fish and vegetable dishes, which are complemented by special marinades and sauces for glazing specially designed for grilling and BBQ.

You can prepare a perfect steak in Korean style, with a fragrant crust and a tender middle, or fried chicken in Japanese style. You will also find fish recipes and vegetarian recipes, such as grilled vegetables with dipping sauces or roasted mushrooms with rosemary and garlic.

These recipes not only offer you to enjoy a great taste, but also allow you to spend time with family and friends. Organize an outdoor reception, fire up a barbecue or grill and enjoy pleasant tastes in the fresh air. And sauces and marinades for BBQ from Katana will help you.

Enrich your culinary arsenal and surprise your guests with exquisite and unique dishes prepared on a barbecue or grill.

Recipes for BBQ and grill