Asian sauces

The most important Asian sauce is, of course, soy sauce. Many other sauces are prepared on its basis, which reveal the flavors of dishes in different ways.

What Katana sauces can you buy in a store in your city?

  • Classic. It is made by natural fermentation, with the addition of salt and sugar. It is a universal seasoning that can be used both for serving rolls and as a basis for marinades, salad dressings, and also for adding to soups, omelets, stews and fried dishes.
  • For sushi. It has a deep, rich taste that perfectly complements the taste of fish.
  • Premium. It is a Japanese sauce without added sugar, which makes it more healthy. It can be used to prepare dietary dishes as a substitute for salt.
  • Unagi It is a thick sweet sauce with the addition of mirin, which is usually served with smoked eel rolls.
  • Spicy. Thanks to the spices in its composition, it is ideal for marinating meat and fish before baking, as well as for frying or stewing.
  • Teriyaki. This spicy sweet sauce is perfect as a marinade for meat and fish, because it creates an appetizing crispy crust when frying and baking.
  • Soy and oyster. It has a refined taste and aroma. It will make a great salad dressing or dipping for rolls. You can add this brilliant sauce to noodles or meat dishes.
  • Ostraceous. This Chinese sauce has a deep umami flavor and a velvety texture. It is great for marinades as well as cooking wok dishes.

How are Katana sauces made?

  • Soybeans are boiled, wheat grains are roasted, salted, filled with water and left to ferment for several months or even years.
  • To speed up the fermentation process, we add a special koji mushroom. Thanks to it, it takes only a month to prepare, and the quality does not suffer from this.
  • When the liquid reaches the desired consistency, it is filtered and pasteurized to stop the fermentation process.

Why should you buy Katana Asian sauces?

  • There is another method by which sauces for Asian dishes are obtained – acid hydrolysis. It only takes a few hours to prepare it – it is enough to boil the beans with acid and quench it with alkali. We never resort to this method, because such a product can harm you.
  • We strive to make quality products at affordable prices.
  • Katana offers a product prepared by natural fermentation so that you can fully experience its taste and benefits.

On our website, you can also find recipes for cooking Asian dishes that use our products.

Asian sauces