Запечені роли з мідіями Продукція Катана для приготування запечених ролів з мідіями Приготування ролу з мідіями Запечені роли з мідіями
Cooking 45 minutes

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Baked rolls with mussels

As soon as people started making sushi in America, it quickly became popular, but there was one caveat. Americans were wary of raw fish and stuffed seafood, so smart chefs who didn’t want to lose customers resorted to various tricks. In addition to adding heat-treated products to the filling, the rolls themselves also began to be baked in the oven. So sushi turned from a cold snack into a hot dish. Today we suggest preparing baked rolls with mussels together — you will definitely like this dish!

Продукція Катана для приготування запечених ролів з мідіями

The ingredients for hot rolls with mussels

To prepare two portions (280 g) of sushi with mussels, we will need:

Приготування ролу з мідіями

The steps for cooking baked rolls with mussels

Today we will help you learn how to make rolls with mussels. With our tips, you will prepare them quickly and easily — you just need to do a few simple steps!

  1. First, prepare the minced meat: grate hard cheese on a fine grater and mix it with finely chopped mussels and crab sticks, as well as caviar and cream cheese. Mix well.
  2. Cut the nori sheet in half widthwise, use half of the sheet.
  3. On the rough side of the nori sheet, spread the boiled seasoned rice in an even, dense layer over the entire surface, leaving 1.5 cm of the upper long edge of the sheet without rice.
  4. Spread the prepared wasabi on the surface of the rice. Cut the cucumber into strips and place it in the middle of the sheet.
  5. We will give the roll the necessary shape with the help of a mat, slightly moistening the upper edge of the nori sheet with water. Cut the roll into 6 parts with a sharp, water-soaked knife.
  6. Spread the prepared minced meat on each piece with a teaspoon in the form of a cap. Bake the roll in an oven heated to 180 degrees Celsius for no more than 10 minutes — until the cheese melts.
  7. Pour unagi sauce over the rolls with mussels. Serve with soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi.
Запечені роли з мідіями

One of the most common options for preparing baked sushi is when fish or seafood is not wrapped inside the roll, but laid out on top. So they bake faster and better. Well, the most interesting option is rolls baked under cheese. The chewy cheese cap makes the dish appetizing and incredibly tasty! The recipe for sushi with mussels is just like this, so we really hope that you will delight yourself and your loved ones with this delicious dish more often! Also, be sure to familiarize yourself with our recipes for cooking Japanese dishes at home.

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