Rice, rice paper and vinegar for Asian dishes

Rice is the main grain of Eastern cuisine, from which many other dishes or foods are prepared. Most often, cooked rice is used for sushi or in the preparation of rice paper, and rice vinegar and mirin is made by fermenting rice.

Which Katana rice products should you try?

  • The most important ingredient of rolls and sushi is, of course, rice. It is he who forms the basis of the dish – this cereal has a rather neutral taste, but it is perfectly permeated with dressing. It is plastic, but at the same time holds its shape well. Rice for rolls requires special varieties — round-grained — with a high starch content. This is exactly our rice for sushi “Japonica”.
  • Rice vinegar helps to maximize the taste of rice. This dressing complements it with sweet and sour notes, makes the taste rich and deep. Japanese vinegar is produced by fermenting rice grains – they are soaked, poured into large jugs and koji fungus is added there. After half a year, the finished product is obtained – an amber liquid, which is used to prepare rolls, as well as added to meat and fish dishes. In addition to excellent taste qualities, Asian vinegar has a positive effect on the body thanks to a number of amino acids and minerals.
  • Rice paper is the thinnest sheets of rice dough. It is sold in a dried form, so before cooking the cake, you need to soak it to get a soft, elastic product. Harumaki has a neutral taste, but is well saturated with the taste of fillings.
  • Mirin is a sweet seasoning based on fermented rice. It is used as a marinade for fish and meat, which makes them more juicy and aromatic, as a basis for sauces and dressings with a deep umami taste, and as an ingredient for hot dishes, which gives them a sweet taste and an appetizing shine.

Where can you use rice vinegar?

Most often, it is used as a component of sushi dressing. However, there are still some options for using this product:

  • It is added to deep-frying while frying seafood to give it a sweet-sour taste.
  • Asian vinegar is added to salad dressing and various sauces.
  • Fish is marinated in it to make it softer, juicy and aromatic.

What makes Katana rice products and vinegar so special?

  • We select only the highest-quality raw materials from verified suppliers.
  • We try to follow traditional recipes as much as possible, so that you can buy products with an authentic taste.

On our website, you can always find where to buy our rice for sushi. In addition, you will learn many secrets of cooking oriental dishes.

Rice, rice paper and vinegar