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How to cook meat in Tempura
How to cook meat in Tempura
Маринована курка для гриля та барбекю Japanese Style рецепт від Катана
Marinated chicken for grilling and barbecue Japanese Style
Маринована свинина для гриля та барбекю Korean Style - покроковий рецепт від Катана
Marinated pork for grilling and barbecuing Korean Style
WOK udon noodles in teriyaki sauce
WOK udon noodles in teriyaki sauce
WOK buckwheat noodles Soba in black pepper sauce
WOK buckwheat noodles Soba in black pepper sauce
WOK bean noodles in oyster sauce
WOK bean noodles in oyster sauce
Фунчоза з яловичиною та овочами
Funchoza with beef and vegetables
Соба з морепродуктами
Soba with seafood
Рецепт рисової локшини зі свининою в соєвому соусі
Recipe for rice noodles with pork in soy sauce
Рецепт локшини Ло-Мейн із куркою та овочами
Chicken and Vegetable Lo-Maine Noodles Recipe
Рецепт сингапурської локшини з куркою
Recipe for Singapore noodles with chicken
Соба з креветками та овочами
Soba with shrimps and vegetables
Рецепт локшини чоу мейн з куркою
Recipe for chow mein noodles with chicken
Рецепт лапши с курицей в соусе терияки
Recipe for noodles with chicken in teriyaki sauce
Рецепт собы с овощами
Recipe for soba with vegetables
Рецепт широкої рисової локшини з телятиною в кунжутному соусі
Recipe for wide rice noodles with veal in sesame sauce
Рецепт жареной лапши с креветками
Recipe for fried noodles with shrimp
Рецепт хрустальной бобовой лапши
Recipe for crystal bean noodles
Рецепт жареного риса с курицей
Recipe for fried rice with chicken
Удон зі свининою та овочами
Udon with pork and vegetables
Рецепт локшини Якісоба з куркою
Yakisoba noodles recipe with chicken
Рецепт рисової локшини з куркою та овочами по-китайськи
Recipe for rice noodles with chicken and vegetables in Chinese

Asian rice and noodle recipes

In the recipes of Asian dishes, rice and noodles are included as part of the side dish, providing satiety and the basis for the assimilation of useful minerals and trace elements from other components.

Rice has been grown in Japan for more than two thousand years. It is not just a necessary product of everyday food, but a sacred food of Japan and is respected in every way, just like our bread. It is used as a basis for sushi and rolls, a component for desserts, alcoholic beverages and fermented products are made on its basis. Grains are ground into flour for making noodles and baking. In Asian rice dishes, rice varieties with a high gluten content are used, which are convenient for gluing sushi together and eating with chopsticks.

The second most important side dish in Japan is Asian noodles, which are used in most Asian countries. Its consumption during the working day is the basis of the Japanese diet. It is prepared from the flour of various grains and cereals, in particular, udon is based on wheat, while soba is made from buckwheat or a wheat-buckwheat mixture, rice funchoza got its name from the main ingredient.

What are the features of the taste of Asian noodles and rice?

For those who are used to European food, Asian-style noodles and Asian rice dishes have a special spicy taste that is not similar to their “European” counterparts.

The taste features are both in the origin and in the methods of cooking. In the preparation of rice, a mixture of sugar and rice vinegar is often used, which adds a subtle flavor to the straw. Products made from different cereals have their own distinctive tastes and aromas, characteristic of the products from which they are made:

  • rice, beans – funchose,
  • buckwheat – soba,
  • wheat – udon.

There are types of noodles with the addition of aromatic herbs to the flour composition.

An interesting taste feature is the preparation of side dishes in seasonings and sauces from local, often fermented, products that have changed their properties during fermentation. These include pickled ginger, wasabi, soy sauce, mirin and others. In the process of cooking, the mixing of different sauces and spices gives rise to a variety of flavors unexpected for the taste buds of Europeans, which we often call an explosion or riot of flavors – they are so vividly and uniquely experienced by us.

Why is it easy to cook noodles and rice in an Asian style with recipes from Katana?

Asian noodle recipes are easy to cook at home. Study the composition of the dish you are interested in, prepare the necessary set of ingredients from Katana. You can always find them in the Rozetka and Prom.ua online stores and even buy them online! Next, following Katana’s step-by-step instructions, carefully go through the entire cooking process. We are sure that Asian noodles will turn out great on your first try. Feel free to try combining familiar food with new flavors, try a recipe for soba with vegetables, a recipe for crystal bean noodles from our collection. By the way, we have a detailed recipe for rice in the style of pan-Asian cuisine.

Asian rice and noodle recipes