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Калифорния с лососем в кунжуте
California roll recipe with salmon in sesame
Калифорния с лососем в икре мойвы
California roll recipe with salmon in capelin caviar
Футомакі з лососем
Futomaki roll recipe with salmon
Рецепт макі рол з лососем
Maki roll recipe with salmon
Філадельфія з лососем
Philadelphia roll recipe with salmon
Рецепт ролу футомакі з овочами
Futomaki sushi recipe with vegetables
Рецепт макі ролу з огірком
Recipe for maki roll with cucumber
Овочевий рол в кунжуті
Vegetable roll in sesame
Рецепт ролу Філадельфія з копченим вугром
Philadelphia roll recipe with smoked eel
Кімбап (корейські роли)
Kimbap (Korean rolls)
Боніто роли
Bonito rolls
Суші буріто
Sushi burrito
Рецепт макі ролу з вугром і огірком
Recipe for maki roll with eel and cucumber
Макі ролл з крабовим мясом
Recipe for maki roll with crab meat
Технология приготовления риса для суши
Technology of rice preparation for sushi
Рецепт норі макі
Norimaki sushi
Рецепт ролу Каліфорнія з копченим вугром в кунжуті
California roll recipe with smoked eel in sesame
Рецепт макі ролу з вугром
Recipe for maki roll with eel
Запечені роли з мідіями
Baked rolls with mussels
Рецепт ролу Каліфорнія з копченим вугром в ікрі масаго
California roll recipe with smoked eel in masago caviar
Рецепт роллу в кунжуті з вершковим сиром і грибами шиїтаке
Sesame roll recipe with cream cheese and shiitake mushrooms
Как выглядит заправка для риса Katana
Sushi Rice Dressing Recipe
Рецепт ролу з лососем у рисовому папері
Salmon roll recipe in rice paper
Рецепт ролів з куркою
Recipe for rolls with chicken
Рецепт ролу Золотий Дракон
Golden Dragon roll recipe
Спрінг-роли з овочами в рисовому папері
Spring rolls with vegetables in rice paper

Recipes for sushi and rolls

Discovering the basics of Japanese cuisine, we are moved by the Japanese’s careful attitude to the gifts of nature. The main rule for choosing food in Japan is a quality product grown in natural conditions. Only the best that nature has created, the Japanese consider worthy to serve on the table.

Traditionally, in Japan, cooking is about revealing its useful properties, eating the full potential that nature has put into the product, to strengthen the strength and health of a person. Probably, it is the observance of such a philosophy that made the Japanese a nation of long-lived people, and Japanese cuisine gained worldwide popularity.

One of the most famous dishes of Japanese cuisine has become sushi – miniature balls of rice, decorated with all kinds of fillings made of fish, vegetables, meat or eggs. Some types of fillings are placed inside a rice layer wrapped in nori seaweed and cut into circles.

Certain types of sushi have gained worldwide fame, they are used in network establishments related to Japanese food. For example, the recipe for Philadelphia roll with salmon is served in Japanese restaurants around the world. They look extremely impressive and have a bright, recognizable taste.

The sushi recipe is easy to reproduce at home from a small set of products, even for a beginner in cooking. And fans of Japanese cuisine and gourmets can make huge collection sets for festive events.

Is it possible to cook sushi at home, like in a restaurant?

The question remained unanswered until recently, but now we answer it unequivocally positively. The recipe for making sushi with a step-by-step recipe from Katana reproduces the exact sequence of actions, describes the technology of making rolls from the beginning of processing the components to serving on the table.

Why are we sure that using our sushi recipe at home, you will get exactly the same food as from a restaurant? Let’s reveal a little secret: the recipes are from the restaurant! Our brand chef, who trains restaurant chefs, shares with you his secrets and recipes for sushi and rolls that he prepares for his customers. We’ve written down all the steps in detail so you can experiment with pan-Asian cooking.

For complete confidence in reproducing the original taste, we recommend that you take care of purchasing products from Katana. They most closely correspond to the original Japanese products in terms of ingredient properties. You can buy them in online stores and retail chains Prom.ua and Rozetka. In addition, supermarkets offer a number of special seasonings, oils, vinegars to obtain a bright taste and a harmonious combination of components. That is why we are sure that your roll recipe will definitely turn out the same as in the restaurant.

What popular sushi and roll recipes can you find on the Katana website?

If you are going to prepare a sushi recipe at home, it is better to start with your favorite flavor, which you liked the most and whose taste you remember. You will be able to reproduce all the nuances yourself, and with the help of life hacks on our website, you can make the presentation of the dish wonderful and unforgettable for fans of your culinary creations. There are types of sushi and rolls with various fillings and a detailed description of the process. Popular among them are:

  • California roll recipe with salmon in Masago caviar,
  • recipe for rolls with chicken


  • recipe for spring rolls with vegetables in rice paper,
  • recipe for a roll with salmon in rice paper.


  • recipe for vegetable rolls in sesame,
  • recipe for maki roll with cucumber,

and many others.

Japanese sushi and rolls are great, but… let’s be honest. If you suddenly fail at the first attempt or the sushi recipe at home does not turn out as you dream or tasted in a restaurant, read the recipe carefully and think about where exactly the mistake could have happened. And of course, try new things, invent your own recipes. We wish you success!

Recipes for sushi and rolls