Cutlery and utensils for preparing sushi and rolls

Asian cuisine is very specific, so special utensils are needed for its preparation and consumption. Unlike Europeans who prefer wood and metal utensils, Asians utilize bamboo stems due to their affordability and durability. The most common utensils for sushi are bamboo chopsticks, as well as a bamboo mat.

Features of cutlery from Katana

Bamboo chopsticks are very old cutlery for sushi, which are convenient for grabbing pieces of food. The chopsticks’ rough texture prevents food from sliding back into the plate. These are disposable devices that are easily recycled after use. Bamboo chopsticks are commonly served with the following sushi dishes:

  • sushi, rolls, sashimi;
  • rice dishes;
  • soups, side dishes and wok dishes with noodles;
  • tempura;
  • salads;
  • ramen

In addition to taking food with them, chopsticks perform other roles. Yes, with their help you can:

  • wrap sushi;
  • hold the soup filling to drink the liquid;
  • turn and stir food during cooking;
  • beat an omelette;
  • choose fish bones.

A bamboo mat is an important accessory for making sushi, thin bamboo lamellas connected by a cotton thread. The space between them is minimal so that the rug can bend. To increase the mat’s durability, wrap it in cling film before use, especially if you are making uramaki. Its main use is for rolling beautiful dense rolls, but you can use it for some other purposes:

  • remove excess moisture from tamago-yaki with its help;
  • squeeze the greens after washing;
  • use for authentic table decoration;
  • use as a stand for hot dishes.

Why is the Katana sushi and roll mat special?

Our device for preparing sushi and rolls fully meets all safety requirements and allows you to create perfect rolls:

  • We do not cover the slats of the mat with varnish or paint in order not to make your rolls harmful.
  • Our mat consists of wide segments, which allows you to form tight, neat rolls of any shape (round, square, triangular) with an even surface.
  • We connect the plates with several layers of strong thread so that the rug does not fall apart at the most crucial moment.

Now you know what tools are used for sushi and other Asian dishes. You can start getting acquainted with oriental cuisine right now!

Utensils for sushi