Ginger, wasabi for sushi and rolls

When you order sushi rolls, they must be accompanied by bright green and bitter wasabi and pink petals of pickled ginger that not only decorate the dish but also enhance its taste. In Asia, wasabi and ginger are often used in sushi and several other dishes.

What makes Katana’s ginger and wasabi rolls and sushi so delicious?

  • We carefully select suppliers and only use natural and original products.
  • We constantly monitor the quality of our products to ensure you receive only the tastiest and healthiest products.

How to use pickled ginger and wasabi?

The ginger root itself has a sharp taste, so it only needs to be accentuated. Only water, vinegar, salt, sugar, and a little beet juice are needed to make the marinade for pickled ginger, which gives it a light pink color.

  • Be sure to use ginger for rolls when serving a dish. The main task of these spicy petals is to kill the aftertaste of the previous roll in order to enjoy a new one.
  • Spicy plates are added to meat and fish tartar. They disinfect raw meat, add spiciness to it.
  • Pickled ginger root is an excellent ingredient for oriental salads, both warm meat and cold vegetable. It adds piquancy and freshness.
  • Ginger is often added during the preparation of hot dishes – it will perfectly emphasize the taste of fried or stewed vegetables and meat.
  • Meat and cheese plates are often decorated with these petals – you can put flowers or other figurines out of them. In addition, they will be a great addition to cold snacks.
  • Ginger often becomes a piquant addition to desserts, in particular, to fruit jams and pastries.
  • The remaining marinade can be used for cooking meat and fish – it will add a spicy spicy taste to the future dish.

Wasabi paste has a specific spicy taste that reminds us of horseradish. It is used in different ways:

  • Be sure to use wasabi for sushi, serving it as a seasoning to make the dish spicy.
  • It is added to the marinade for baking and frying meat or fish.
  • Used as a spicy sauce for meat, fish or cheese.
  • Mixed with mayonnaise, it is used as a sauce for eggs and cold meat dishes.

Now that you know how to use ginger and wasabi for sushi rolls and more, you can find many other tips on our site, learn about Katana’s Asian recipes, and also learn where to buy Katana products.

Ginger, wasabi