Breading mixtures and breadcrumbs

TM Katana is a brand that finds culinary inspiration in different corners of the world in order to share its best flavors with you.

We offer your customers to expand their existing culinary horizons, immerse themselves in the world of authentic flavors and get maximum pleasure from cooking traditional dishes at home in a new way.

Our experienced team is constantly experimenting, combining Asian recipes with modern culinary trends, tastes, technologies, so that the culinary dreams of Ukrainians come true, and their lives become at least a little brighter!

Our new breading mixes from Katana allow you to create a real pleasure for your taste. They provide a crispy and appetizing crust on various dishes – from meat and fish to vegetables and seafood. Easy to use, our mixes will help you quickly and easily bread your dishes, giving them a delicious and golden appearance.

New bright flavors of the world in TM Katana products! Be the first to open them!

Breading mixtures and breadcrumbs