WOK Teriyaki sauce 500 ml Katana

WOK Teriyaki sauce

for perfect chicken noodles
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Volume: 500 ml

Code: 6619

What makes WOK noodles perfect? Of course, WOK Teriyaki sauce. Although Teriyaki, goes well with many dishes, it is the best choice for those who love WOK noodles with chicken. Make the right choice, and your homemade WOK noodles will be as tasty, as in a real Japanese restaurant.

Product compositionComposition

Water, sugar, oyster sauce (water, sugar, oyster extract, salt, starch, wheat flour), soy sauce (salt, soybeans, wheat flour, water, sugar, maltodextrin thickener), salt, starch, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, regulator citric acid, flavor enhancers: E621, E627, E631; preservatives: E202, E211; dyes: sugar color, annatto, yellow “sunset” (can have a negative effect on the attention and activity of children).
The product or its components can cause an individual allergic reaction.

Nutritional value of the productNutritional value per 100 g

value (calorie)
419.7 kJ (kJ) / 100.3 kcal (kcal)
0.02 g
0.7 g
25.0 g
5.2 g


Type of packaging: plastic bottle

Country of origin: Thailand

WOK udon noodles in teriyaki sauce recipe