Broth concentrates for preparing ramen

The deep taste of authentic Japanese ramen soup can be made right in your own kitchen, in a matter of minutes. This is possible with our ramen broth concentrates:

Our brand chef, a master of Japanese cuisine – Ilya Chervenko, collected the best ingredients and flavors to create two unique products – Miso broth concentrate and Shoyu TM Katana. They contain everything you need to create authentic ramen with a rich and deep flavor.

For anyone who wants to enjoy the taste of ramen, but doesn’t have the time or ingredients for a long cooking process, our products will help you get your favorite dish quickly!

Enjoy the exquisite flavors of Japan right in your kitchen. Feel the depth and richness of taste, which will make your lunch or dinner a real culinary journey!

On our website, you can also familiarize yourself with recipes for cooking Asian dishes that use TM Katana products.