Ready meals

Always tasty and convenient - ready meals from Katana

Ready meals of Asian and European cuisine

TM Katana is a brand that promotes the popularization of Asian cuisine among Ukrainians, encouraging them to consume more traditional Eastern dishes.

We inspire to look at the process of cooking in a new, modern way, and help Ukrainians to create real masterpieces in an ordinary kitchen, offering our wide range of products in the supermarket.

And for those who have little time to cook at home, we offer an alternative to home food – ready-made Asian dishes TM Katana.

Katana ready-made meals are a convenient and tasty offer for people who do not have the opportunity, time, or desire to cook on their own and are trying to diversify their family’s meals at home.

Assortment of ready meals

  • Sandwiches
  • WOK noodles
  • WOK rice and vegetables
  • Asian soups
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