Miso soup – how and what to eat correctly

Miso soup is one of the favorite dishes of the Japanese, a soup based on miso paste and wakame seaweed. Almost no day goes by without it – it is eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, so every lover of Japanese cuisine should know how to eat miso soup. We have collected the lifehacks for you that will allow you to make the meal as authentic as possible!

What to eat miso soup with?

There are two types of utensils for miso soup:

  • A special porcelain spoon is used to scoop broth and small components of the dish (for example, green onions or sesame);
  • Bamboo sticks, with which pieces of filling are consumed.

How to properly eat miso soup?

There are many varieties of this dish, so it all depends on how it will be served to you. There are several options, and we will be happy to tell you about them.

  1. How to eat light miso soup

The soup, usually served after a meal for easy digestion, consists only of miso paste, water and wakame seaweed. It is drunk directly from the bowl, without using a spoon.

  1. How to properly eat miso soup with rice and other main dishes

Usually, in this case, three dishes are served at once – miso cheese, boiled rice and meat or vegetables. They are eaten according to the so-called triangle principle: first, they take a small sip of soup, then a little bit of rice and the main course. When the food is finished, use chopsticks to eat the remaining wakame at the bottom of the bowl.

  1. How to properly eat miso soup with fillings as a main course

Liquids are taken in small sips from a bowl or a special spoon is used for this, and solid ingredients are eaten with chopsticks.

Now you know how to eat miso soup. If you want to prepare it at home, you will definitely need miso paste from Katana! You can also find other recipes for Asian dishes, which will help diversify your daily menu.