мисо паста katana

Light soy miso paste

for miso soup
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Weight: 100 g

Code: 1953

It is very important to order a few words about miso. This pasta is unique and deserves special attention! As one of the most important ingredients in Japanese cooking, it is invaluable for first courses, snacks and dressings. It is the basis of Japanese miso soup and a special marinade for softening meat and preserving its juiciness. Enriches dishes with a pleasant “umami” taste. It is believed that the Japanese owe their strong immunity to miso paste.

Product compositionComposition

Water is prepared, soybeans, rice, table salt.

Nutritional value of the productNutritional value per 100 g

value (calorie)
837 kJ / 199 kcal
5 g
10 g
25 g
11.9 g


Type of packaging: Doy-pak

Country of origin: China

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