What is included in the sushi set?

What is included in a sushi set? This question often arises among sushi lovers who haven’t tried preparing this dish on their own. Today, we’d like to share with you what a sushi set consists of and why it’s essential for enthusiasts of Eastern cuisine. At Katana, we carefully curate and create such sets, selecting all the ingredients to ensure an enjoyable cooking process and a delicious final dish!

What must be included in a sushi set?

A sushi set is a real savior for those who want to prepare their favorite dish at home. These kits typically contain everything you need to make sushi rolls, except for the perishable filling ingredients, which you’ll need to purchase separately according to your preference. The items included in a sushi set can be divided into two categories: ingredients and utensils for both cooking and enjoying the food. The selection is made to ensure that there’s enough of each ingredient for one preparation, minimizing waste and spoilage.

For example, our sushi sets include the following items:

  • round-grain rice (400 g) for the base of the rolls;
  • nori sheets (8 pcs) for wrapping sushi;
  • rice vinegar (60 ml) for dressing rice;
  • petals of pickled ginger root (70 g) for serving a set;
  • dry wasabi powder (10 g) for preparing spicy paste and decorating rolls;
  • classic soy sauce (100 ml) for serving;
  • white sesame seeds (20 g) for coating and filling.

You can also find the following tools in them:

  • bamboo mat for convenient rolling of sushi;
  • four pairs of sushi chopsticks;
  • chopstick holder for beginners.

Such a set is enough to prepare four portions of rolls.

Who is the sushi and roll set suitable for?

Such sets are great for people who are passionate about cooking:

  • for those who want to try to cook their favorite dish themselves, but do not know where to start;
  • those who prefer the convenience of having all the necessary ingredients for sushi and rolls included in one package, rather than searching for each item separately at the store or buying large quantities that exceed their needs;
  • those who want to spend an enjoyable evening cooking together with family, friends, or their loved ones.

Now you know what a sushi set is for, what it includes and who will need it. All that remains is to purchase a sushi set from Katana and cook according to our Asian step-by-step recipes</ span> – you will find many original options there!