Set for making sushi for 4 people Katana

Set for making sushi

for 4 people
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Weight: 700 g

Code: 6704

Now eating sushi at home is easier and more interesting.

Maybe now you shouldn’t order home delivery of a ready-made meal, you just need to buy a kit for making sushi Katana. Our recommended shopping list will help you decide on the types of rolls to prepare at home. In the middle of the box you will find the necessary ingredients for preparing 6-8 rolls (up to 48 pieces). And if it’s too much for one person, feel free to invite your friends!

The ready-made kit includes instructions and a recipe that will help you create real sushi. You can also experiment with the composition and proportions of ingredients, adding your favorite products or changing the taste palette to your taste.

Save time and money. Cook at home like in a restaurant!

Composition of the set:

  1. Rice for sushi TM Katana
  2. Nori
  3. Seasoning for rice
  4. Ginger pickled
  5. Wasabi horseradish powder
  6. A bamboo mat and a set of bamboo sticks for several people
  7. Recommended list of additional ingredients for the perfect dish
  8. Instructions and photo recommendations for preparing a sushi set for 4 people.

How to make sushi at home. Cooking instructions