Why do only male chefs cook sushi?

The phenomenal popularity of sushi and rolls, as well as interest in traditional Asian cuisine “forced” us to learn all about these delicacies.

When visiting sushi bars and restaurants, have you ever wondered why most sushi chefs are men? This is a tradition whose origins date back to ancient Japan, so we propose to analyze what exactly is connected with the fact that men prepare rolls.

Why do only male chefs prepare sushi?

The existing tradition came from the homeland of sushi and rolls – the Land of the Morning Sun – Japan. Yes, yes, they are prepared there exclusively by men.

One of the features of making sushi and rolls is that they must be prepared professionally by the so-called “Takumi sushi” – “sushi maker”. Translated from Japanese, this term literally means “a male person who has completely devoted his life and talent to cooking and Japanese national cuisine”.

The story of why the sushiist is a man

But not only legends! When asked who should cook sushi – a man or a woman, the Japanese not only give an unequivocal answer in favor of the stronger sex, but also explain why.

The whole point is that in preparing this Japanese dish it is extremely important to observe the temperature regime of all the ingredients used.

But according to the Japanese worldview, when cooking, women’s body temperature rises by 2-4 degrees – this is also proven by scientific research. In order to preserve the authenticity of the taste of sushi and rolls, only men cook sushi in the Land of the Morning Sun.

Can women work as sushi chefs?

Time-honored traditions change and are applied in new ways, so in most European countries both women and men can be sushi makers!

It is only in Japan that established traditions regarding the preparation of national cuisine remain unchanged. And there to this day, all sushi chefs are representatives of the stronger sex.

Now you know why sushi is prepared by men, and critics and connoisseurs of Japanese cuisine are mainly women!

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