Udon noodles – how and how much to cook?

Udon noodles are a popular ingredient in many hot Asian dishes. It is used as a side dish or base for wok dishes, added to soups and ramen and served with broth. Therefore, the question of how to cook udon sooner or later arises for all lovers of oriental cuisine. Today, we want to share with you some tried-and-true cooking secrets to ensure your dishes turn out appetizing and delicious!

How to properly prepare udon?

Follow these simple steps and you will surely succeed!

  1. Boil two liters of water, add a little salt to taste.
  2. Place 100-150 grams of noodles in the boiling water — keep in mind that their volume will double during cooking.
  3. And the most important answer is how long to cook udon noodles. Let’s boil it for 5–7 minutes, then try it — it should be soft.
  4. Drain the cooked udon noodles in a sieve or colander, giving them a gentle shake to remove excess liquid. Now, you can serve the noodles on the table or use them in other dishes!

How long to cook wheat noodles?

Depending on the composition, udon is cooked for 5-7 minutes. However, if you’re wondering how to cook Chinese udon noodles before adding them to the wok or other dishes, they should be cooked until half done, no longer than 5 minutes.

Udon wheat noodles from Katana are made without the addition of harmful fats, as well as artificial dyes and flavors, so the product is nutritious and useful. Udon contains complex carbohydrates, thanks to which the body is saturated with energy, without accumulating fat, which allows you to use it in a diet. Therefore, the answer to the question of how udon is prepared will be interesting for those who want to have a slim figure.

Now you know the cooking time for wheat noodles. In addition to this useful and tasty product, on our website, you can find everything for cooking Asian dishes to treat yourself and your loved ones with new delicious treats!