Рецепт нори маки Катана Продукция Катана для нори маки Приготовление нори маки Рецепт нори маки Катана
Cooking 45 minutes

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Norimaki sushi

Norimaki, or norimaki sushi, are traditional rolls wrapped in a nori sheet. There are two types of this dish — hosomaki, rolls with one filling, sometimes in combination with cucumber and futomaki, the name of which translates as thick rolls with a lot of fillings. Today we would like to offer you such a snack — norimaka rolls with salmon and cucumber. Tender salmon and fresh, crunchy cucumber are a great combination, and we suggest adding spicy wasabi to enhance the taste. In addition, such rolls look great when cut — against the background of white rice, orange salmon and a contrasting green cucumber look bright and elegant. Let’s start cooking!

Продукция Катана для нори маки

The ingredients for norimaki rolls

Before we prepare the norimaki recipe, we need to stock up on everything we need. For one serving, we need the following products:

Приготовление нори маки

The steps for making norimaki

So, let’s quickly implement this wonderful norimaki sushi recipe! With our tips, you will get everything done easily and quickly. We need to go through a few simple steps:

  1. Cut the nori sheet in half widthwise and use half of the sheet.
  2. Spread the boiled seasoned rice on the rough side of the nori sheet over the entire surface in a dense, even layer, leaving 1.5 cm from the top edge of the sheet without rice. Grease the surface of the rice with the prepared wasabi.
  3. Clean the cucumber from the seeds. Be sure to check the cucumber for bitterness, otherwise, you risk spoiling the dish! If the skin is too tough, cut it off.
  4. Place salmon and cucumber cut into strips in the middle of the rice surface.
  5. Form a roll using a bamboo mat, slightly moistening the upper edge of the nori sheet with water. Cut the roll into 6 parts with a sharp knife dipped in cold water.
  6. You can slightly acidify the water with vinegar — then the cut will be more even and aesthetic.
  7. Add soy sauce, pickled ginger and wasabi to the dish.
Рецепт нори маки Катана

Norimaki is a dish with a long history. Sushi wrapped in a sheet of seaweed appeared in Japan at the end of the 18th century and was positioned in local restaurants as a novelty that does not leave stains on the hands — before that, rice and fish were taken by hand or wrapped in an omelette. At that time, nori mining was a very labor-intensive activity, so the product was highly valued and only available to wealthy people. However, years later, the Japanese invented technologies that allow growing these algae without large time and money costs, which made nori a popular ingredient in many Asian dishes. After that, norimaki spread throughout the country and far beyond its borders.

Norimaki with salmon and cucumber will be a great treat for your family and guests — they can be served both as a main course and as an appetizer. They will also be a great decoration for any festive table. Delight your loved ones with tasty and beautiful sushi — they will definitely ask you to prepare such a delicacy as often as possible. Discover Asian cuisine with our recipes and make your menu more original and diverse, and we will continue to select new options for you!

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