Рецепт ролу Каліфорнія з лососем в кунжуті Продукция Katana для калифорнии с лососем в кунжуте Как готовить калифорнию с лососем в кунжуте Рецепт ролу Каліфорнія з лососем в кунжуті
Cooking 45 minutes

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California roll recipe with salmon in sesame

Rice, seaweed and fish rolls are popular in all countries, including the United States of America. Local sushi chefs not only used traditional Japanese recipes but also invented their own, using products popular in America for their preparation. For example, California sushi with salmon in sesame – one of the most popular sets in the whole world – was invented in the state of the same name.

The traditional composition of California rolls is rice, nori and filling, which must include avocado pulp, cut into thin strips. Los Angeles-based chef Ithiro Masita is said to have run out of tuna to fill his sushi, so the sushi maker decided to replace it with the equally oily product of avocado, an idea that was well received by diners. One of the options for breading these products is crunchy sesame seeds, which perfectly contrast with the soft texture of the fruit. You can easily make sushi California in sesame at home, using our tips, and you will have a very tasty dish!

Продукция Katana для калифорнии с лососем в кунжуте

The ingredients for California Sesame Salmon Rolls

The ingredients for California Sesame Sushi are quite simple. For a standard portion (222 g) you will need:

Как готовить калифорнию с лососем в кунжуте

The stages of preparation

So, we’re going to tell you how to cook California rolls with salmon and sesame step-by-step at home quickly and professionally. With our help, it will be very easy!

  1. Let’s cut a sheet of nori seaweed in width. We use half of the sheet.
  2. Let’s put it on the mat with the rough side up, adding ready-boiled seasoned rice to the surface. It should lie in a dense even layer, but do not forget to leave 1.5 cm of free space at the top edge of the seaweed.
  3. Now let’s turn the workpiece so that the rice is at the bottom, and the free edge of the seaweed is closer to us. In the center along the entire width, add fish, vegetables cut into strips, and pour mayonnaise over everything.
  4. Let’s twist the rug in the form of a roll.
  5. After breading the resulting rolls in sesame, cut them with a sharp knife, previously moistened with water, into eight equal parts.
  6. We recommend that you serve them together with soy sauce, ginger petals and wasabi.

With the help of our tips, you can easily master the recipe for cooking California rolls with sesame and salmon. All that remains is to cook them yourself or together with family and friends, turning your kitchen into a real oriental restaurant!

Рецепт ролу Каліфорнія з лососем в кунжуті
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