пшеничная лапша удон katana 220 г

Udon wheat noodles

for soups, wok and noodle dishes
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Weight: 220 g

Code: 3634

It is not only the most popular, authentic Japanese wheat flour noodle, but also the basis of the famous udon soup. However, they are also added to wok dishes: it tastes great with meat, vegetables, seafood and is quickly prepared: boil the noodles for 6-8 minutes in salted boiling water, rinse with cold water, brush with oil – it’s done! Add them to veal in soy sauce and experience the taste of real Japan!

Product compositionComposition

Wheat flour, drinking water, table salt.

Nutritional value of the productNutritional value per 100 g

value (calorie)
1262 kJ / 103 kcal
1.3 g
9.4 g
62.8 g
0.79 g


Type of packaging: Film
Country of origin: China

How and how much to cook Udon

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