Glazing sauce BBQ Korean Style, 120 g Katana

BBQ Korean Style

sauce for glazing fried meat
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Weight: 120 g

Code: 6899

Spicy-hot taste

Using this BBQ Korean Style by Katana sauce, you dive into the depths of traditional Korean cuisine, revealing its authenticity, diversity and craftsmanship, including the preparation of BBQ dishes. Its deep and spicy spicy taste perfectly emphasizes the tenderness of any meat, adding juiciness and expressiveness. Thanks to the unique combination of ingredients, the aroma of the sauce becomes magnetically attractive, provoking the appetite of all your guests.

Just add the sauce to the finished meat at the rate of 1 sachet (120 g) per 1 kg of meat and the dish is ready. And to get an additional appetizing golden crust, cook the meat for another 5-10 minutes on the grill or in the oven. You will be amazed by the depth and brightness of the flavor that BBQ Katana glaze sauces give to your grilled dishes!

Product compositionComposition

White cream, prepared water, chili pepper, kitchen salt, garlic, radish puree, apple puree, bonito extract, kombu algae, spices, modified corn starch, acidity regulators: acetic, citric, lactic acid; thickener E 415, flavor and aroma enhancers: E 621, E 631; food coloring paprika extract, anchovy extract, smoked paprika, dried garlic, ground chili pepper, preservatives: E 202, E 211; flavoring “smoke”. The product or its components can cause an individual allergic reaction.

Nutritional value of the productNutritional value per 100 g

value (calorie)
533 kJ (kJ) / 127 kcal (kcal)
0.8 g
2.1 g
29.4 g
2.4 g


Type of packaging: PET drain foiled with a tear-off edge

Country of origin: Ukraine

How to glaze BBQ meat