What is needed to prepare sushi at home?

Sushi and rolls have long become familiar dishes, so sooner or later everyone tries to prepare them at home. So we have compiled for you a list of everything you need for sushi – a list of products and tools without which cooking will be difficult. Stock up in advance inseven necessary ingredients for sushi so as not to run to the store halfway before cooking!</ span>

List of ingredients for sushi

To prepare rolls, you need special products that make up the base and filling. The basic ingredients for making sushi are as follows:

  • Nori seaweed. It is they that allow the rolls to keep their shape, add a light sea taste and subtle aroma.
  • Fig. To make sushi at home, choose special rice. It has a special texture that is necessary for easy roll formation – at the same time crumbly and sticky .
  • Rice vinegar. Unlike table vinegar, this vinegar is sweet and sour and completely harmless. It is used to emphasize the taste of rice and give it new shades, make it more sticky.
  • Salt and sugar. Rice is cooked in unsalted water, but salt and sugar are added to the dressing to reveal the taste of the cereal to the full extent.
  • Stuffing. It can be traditional raw or smoked fish, cucumber or more unusual ingredients such like avocado and other fruits, cream cheese, mushrooms or chicken.
  • Sesame. These grains are often used for breading rolls, especially those rolled with rice on the outside. They decorate sushi, add crunch and give it a light nutty taste. Often, a mixture of black and white sesame is used to decorate the rolls to make a beautiful pattern.
  • Sauces. Classic soy sauce is traditionally used to serve the sets, which gives the rolls an umami taste. Sushi with smoked eel is seasoned with a special unagi sauce — thick and sweet.
  • Wasabi. This spicy seasoning is needed to kill bacteria and togive the rolls a spicy taste. Also, due to its bright color, wasabi is used for a beautiful presentation, forming various figures from the green paste. Sometimes the seasoning is added to the inside of the rolls to give it an original taste.
  • Pickled ginger. These pink petals are used primarily to overpower the taste of the previous roll in the set. In addition, they make the dish spicy and refined, and the presentation – beautiful.

What cutlery is required?

In addition to the ingredients, among the things needed to prepare sushi, there are special utensils. To create and serve thisexoticth dish you will need:

  • Bamboo mat. This is the first thing you need to prepare sushi and rolein, because and using him rolls roll. It is he who makes them dense, smooth and beautiful, and the cooking process itself is fast and exciting. Also bamboo mat will come in handy to remove excess moisture from a tamagoyaki omelette or squeeze water out of green.
  • Bamboo sticks. This is a traditional Asian utensil, with which rolls are taken from a common plate and dipped into bowl with soy sauce. In addition, using sticks for sushi Tamagoyaki omelet is beaten, which is often used to fill rolls.
  • A sharp knife. They are used to process fish and cut ready rolls.
  • Tweezers for fish. It is needed to remove all the bones from the fillet and make the meal safe.

Now you have a list of what is needed for sushi at home. You can start creating your own culinary masterpieces – we are sure that you will definitely succeed! In addition, on our website you can always find recipes for cooking Asian dishes and tips to help make them perfect.