What is needed to prepare sushi at home?

Sushi and rolls have become popular dishes, and many people eventually try their hand at preparing them at home. To assist you in this culinary adventure, we have curated a list of essential ingredients and tools that will make sushi preparation a breeze. By stocking up on these seven key ingredients for sushi in advance, you can avoid the last-minute scramble to the store before cooking!</ span>

List of ingredients for sushi

To prepare rolls, you need special products that make up the base and filling. The basic ingredients for making sushi are as follows:

  • Nori seaweed. These sheets are crucial for maintaining the shape of the rolls, adding a delicate oceanic flavor and aroma.
  • Sushi rice. To make sushi at home, opt for special rice designed specifically for sushi-making. It possesses a unique texture that allows for easy roll formation, striking the perfect balance between being fluffy and sticky.
  • Rice vinegar. Unlike regular vinegar, rice vinegar is sweet and tangy, completely safe to consume. It is used to enhance the taste of the rice, adding new dimensions and increasing its stickiness.
  • Salt and sugar. While the rice is cooked in unsalted water, a mixture of salt and sugar is added as a dressing to fully bring out the flavors of the grains.
  • Fillings. It can be traditional raw or smoked fish, cucumber or more unusual ingredients such like avocado and other fruits, cream cheese, mushrooms or chicken.
  • Sesame. These grains are commonly used for coating rolls, especially those with rice on the outside. They provide a decorative touch, add crunchiness, and lend a subtle nutty flavor. A combination of black and white sesame seeds is often used to create visually appealing patterns on the rolls.
  • Sauces. Classic soy sauce is traditionally used to serve the sets, which gives the rolls an umami taste. Sushi with smoked eel are seasoned with a special unagi sauce — thick and sweet.
  • Wasabi. This spicy seasoning not only adds a kick of heat to the rolls but also serves as a natural antibacterial agent. Its vibrant green color makes it a visually appealing addition, allowing for artistic presentations and creating various shapes with the paste. Sometimes, wasabi is incorporated into the roll itself to provide an original flavor.
  • Pickled ginger. These pink slices serve two purposes. Firstly, they cleanse the palate between rolls, allowing you to fully savor each new flavor. Additionally, they add a spicy and refined touch to the dish while enhancing its visual appeal.

What utensils are required?

Alongside the ingredients, several special utensils are necessary for the preparation and presentation of sushi. To create and serve this exotic dish, you’ll need:

  • Bamboo mat. This is an essential tool for rolling and shaping sushi. The bamboo mat ensures that the rolls are compact, smooth, and visually pleasing. It adds an element of excitement to the cooking process and a bamboo mat can also be used to remove excess moisture from tamagoyaki omelettes or squeeze water out of greens. 
  • Bamboo sticks. These traditional Asian utensils are used for picking up rolls from a communal plate and dipping them into soy sauce. In addition, sticks for sushi   are also handy for beating Tamagoyaki omelettes, which are often used as fillings for rolls.
  • A sharp knife. It is used to process fish and cut ready rolls.
  • Tweezers for fish. It is needed to remove all the bones from the fillet and make the meal safe.

Now you have a list of what is needed for making sushi at home. You can start creating your own culinary masterpieces – we are sure that you will definitely succeed! In addition, on our website you can always find recipes for cooking Asian dishes and tips to help make them perfect.