Илья Червенко - Какие напитки пьют с суши? Илья Червенко - Какие напитки пьют с суши?

What drinks are drunk from sushi?

Sushi is the most popular Japanese food in the world, and the world is full of people with different tastes and preferences. That’s probably why there are no universal rules for which drinks go well with sushi: the choice depends on the event, guests, and personal tastes.

In the homeland of this dish, local alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served with sushi. Special attention, even magical significance, is given to the waiter. Food and drinks, without suppressing the peculiarities of each, mutually complement each other. It’s crucial that the drinks do not overshadow the delicate flavors of sushi.

Which alcoholic drinks are commonly enjoyed with rolls?

When selecting alcohol to accompany rolls, it’s important to consider the principles of harmonious food pairing, allowing all elements to shine. Today, we invite you to explore the drink options that complement sushi and rolls.

  • Sake. Rice wine with rice? This combination is highly appreciated by enthusiasts of this revered Japanese product. Strong sake, however, may overpower the subtle flavors of fish in rolls. In Japan, it is often served as an aperitif, while a lighter sake is enjoyed during the meal.
  • Beer. The pleasant blend of rice and hoppy malt creates a convivial atmosphere, perfect for social gatherings, watching sports championships, and having a great time. Experiment with different types of light beer to find the perfect match. Fish enhances this combination wonderfully.
  • Wine. Wine has the ability to accentuate flavors and enhance the overall experience of each dish. Opt for high-quality white varieties or light sparkling Prosecco to add a touch of sophistication and refreshment on a hot day. Alternatively, you can explore the warmth of dark plum wine, which offers a comforting aroma. You can conveniently purchase many Asian cuisine ingredients from online stores specializing in everything for sushi.

What non-alcoholic beverages are commonly enjoyed with sushi?

Non-alcoholic options are the norm in various cultures and many households. Japanese traditions delight in a wide range of soft drinks. Firstly, there are teas. Teas infused with the essence of herbs, flower petals, and fruits, served in bowls, enrich the drinking experience, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and joy during meals.

  • Green and herbal teas. These are the most common choices to accompany sushi in Japan, deeply rooted in their traditional food culture. The subtle aromas of herbs enhance the flavors of the food and provide a refreshing sensation.
  • Fruit teas and cocktails. Oranges, lemons, pomegranates, and various berries serve as the base for teas and water-based cocktails. These refreshing concoctions are enjoyed by both adults and children, offering vitality and essential vitamins.

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