Tips for choosing soy sauce

Soy sauce is an incredibly popular seasoning in Asian cuisine. It is used during the preparation of hot dishes, served with various snacks, used for marinades, added to salad dressing and even poured over ice cream. Real soy sauce is a very useful product, it is often used in diet food. It’s just that a person who does not belong to an Asian culture does not always understand how to choose soy sauce. That is why we want to share with you all the secrets of the right choice of this popular seasoning.

What should you pay attention to when choosing and buying soy sauce?

It is very important to understand how to choose soy sauce in the store before you can smell and taste it. There are a few simple rules that will help you understand which soy sauce is better to choose:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to the composition. The best soy sauces consist of beans, wheat, filtered and prepared water, salt, and sometimes sugar. The presence of other components that preserve the taste and safety of the product is allowed – it can be mirin, spices, various flavor additives. In addition, it is worth considering that this soy sauce has a fairly high protein content — at least 6 g/100 g of the finished product.
  2. An important role is played by the container in which this seasoning is packed. Soy sauce is best stored in a glass bottle – plastic can destroy its useful and taste qualities, but the lid can be both metal and plastic.

What color is soy sauce?

Check the color of the sauce – it should have a rich natural color of a brownish-red shade without any impurities or cloudy color. A quality product cannot be black, bright or too light.

How is the product created?

To prepare the sauce, soybeans are boiled, then kept in a salt solution, adding a special koji fungus. Therefore, one of the criteria is the presence of a natural fermentation process: if this product is of high quality, it must undergo the fermentation process. At this stage, it is saturated with amino acids, which give soy sauce its unique umami taste. With it, sushi, rolls, salads and many other recipes of Asian cuisine fully reveal their potential!

Now you know how to choose the right soy sauce.
Be sure to use our tips during your next trip to the store so that your dishes become really tasty, healthy and retain their Asian flavor!