Sushi at home without a bamboo mat – it’s easy

A bamboo mat is the most important tool for making rolls. But sometimes makis is not at hand – it is late, all the shops are closed, the mat is damaged or lost, and all ingredients for making sushi at home is available and you want to cook your favorite dish right here and now. Then the question arises – what to replace the sushi mat with?

What can replace a bamboo mat?

If you don’t have a makisu at hand, there are several options how to wrap sushi without a mat that can be used instead of a sushi mat:

  • food film;
  • parchment;
  • foil;
  • bamboo napkin from separate segments.

How to wrap rollers without a special mat?

You can roll quite decent sushi without a special mat, using handy tools. So what is the best way to make rollers without a mat, we offer you the following proven methods:
Using foil.

  1. Before making sushi without a mat, cut several rectangular sheets the size of a real bamboo mat (usual size is 27×27 cm).
  2. Put them on top of each other to get one fairly dense sheet.
  3. Wrap the roll as you would with a regular mat – with your thumbs, holding the filling with your forefingers. Then cut the roll into 6–8 pieces and serve.

Using parchment.

  1. Cut a sheet of thick parchment the size of a mat.
  2. Cover it with cling film or a cellophane bag.
  3. Put a sheet of nori with the rough side up, spread a thick layer of rice, add the filling and wrap the roll as usual.

Using a bamboo napkin.

  1. Wrap the napkin with several layers of cling film.
  2. Lay out a sheet of nori, put a layer of rice on it, put the filling.
  3. Wrap sushi at home without a bamboo mat, as you would normally do with a makisu.

Of course, there are situations when a makisu is not at hand and you have to look for alternative options, how to roll sushi without a mat. But if you just want to try to prepare your first roll, it is better not to use improvised means so that the result does not disappoint you – you still need to train with the right equipment. For an ideal result, it is best to use a special bamboo mat, because sushi wrapped with it has its own advantages.

  1. Aesthetic appearance. Due to the fact that the plates of the mat are flat on one side, the surface of the rolls always turns out to be flat and smooth. In addition, they allow you to form not only round, but also square or triangular sushi, which will allow you to make a beautiful original set.
  2. Density. With the help of fairly hard plates, a tight roll is obtained that will not fall apart from the first touch.
  3. Correct structure. With the help of a mat, rolls can be formed quickly, thanks to which the layers of nori, rice and filling do not mix. This not only makes the cut beautiful and clear, but also preserves the taste properties of the dish.

Now you know how to make rolls at home without a mat. We are sure that with our tips you will always get good and tasty sushi!