How to use coconut oil for food?

Coconut oil, a beloved Asian product, has found its way into kitchens worldwide. It is a delicate translucent paste of coconut pulp with a soft consistency and a subtle characteristic aroma, which turns into a viscous liquid at 25 degrees Celsius. Today we want to tell you how to use coconut oil for food to make your daily menu more tasty and useful!

The benefits of coconut oil in cooking

In addition to the fact that this product gives a unique taste, aroma and consistency to various dishes, the use of coconut oil in food brings significant benefits to the body:

  • helps improve digestion and speed up metabolism;
  • prevents diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • allows you to fill the lack of fats during diets;
  • thanks to its antimicrobial properties, it helps in the fight against various bacteria and fungi;
  • promotes the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

How to use coconut oil in food?

There are many options for what to consume coconut oil with, so we have collected the best of them for you.

  • This is an ideal oil for frying or sautéing, as it has a high smoke point. This means that it is absolutely safe since carcinogens are not formed during cooking.
  • A fairly common way to eat coconut oil is to use it as a base for various sandwich spreads. For example, when mixed with caviar, you will get a salty paste, and with cinnamon or coconut flakes, you will get a sweet paste. It also makes a wonderful nut paste in combination with peanuts, hazelnuts, almonds and other nuts.
  • Use oil instead of sugar and cream or milk for coffee — it is quite sweet and fatty.
  • You can replace butter with coconut oil — for example, by adding it to side dishes, greasing pancakes or using it in baking. By the way, biscuits and buns with the addition of coconut oil do not go stale for a long time. You can grease a baking dish with it.
  • Many people are interested in whether it is safe to eat cold-pressed coconut oil. It is not only possible, but also it is necessary — since the oil allows better assimilation of useful substances. It is worth dressing vegetable and fruit salads with it, adding appropriate spices. You just need to bring all the ingredients to room temperature to prevent crystallization.
  • You can use the product when stewing meat, seafood, fish or vegetables as oil and flavoring, as well as when preparing sauces, soups and hot snacks.
  • It is a great ingredient for confectionery — you get delicious candies, creams and mousses from it.

In what quantities can you eat coconut oil?

Although the benefits of coconut oil in food are very high, it is important to remember that you cannot abuse it. The daily rate of the product is up to 40 g (2.5 tbsp.).

If you are wondering which coconut oil is better for food, choose Coconut oil Katana. And you can learn in our step-by-step recipes for Asian dishes how to use it so that your daily diet becomes more diverse and tastier!