Рецепт салату Вакаме Інгредієнти Katana для салату Вакаме Приготування салату Вакаме Рецепт салату Вакаме
Cooking 15 minutes

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Wakame salad recipe

Japan is an island country, so its cuisine is rich in dishes with various seafood. A special place is occupied by a variety of algae, which Asian cooks use as often as Europeans use greens. One of their most popular types is wakame, the taste of which resembles spinach or white cabbage with subtle notes of sea breeze. Today we want to tell you how to make a delicious salad with wakame seaweed and an amazing dressing — it will definitely take a proud place on your list of favorite dishes!

Інгредієнти Katana для салату Вакаме

The ingredients

For two portions, we will need the following products:

Приготування салату Вакаме

The preparation steps

Although this salad is not the most complicated dish, it has its own nuances of preparation, which we are happy to share with you. Let’s put this wonderful recipe into practice as soon as possible! With our tips, you will get everything done quickly and easily, it is enough to take a few simple steps:

  1. Soak the seaweed in warm water (5 minutes is enough). After that, it must be removed and rinsed with boiling water. We advise you to rinse it with very cold, even ice-cold water afterwards — this will help the seaweed to return to its original bright emerald color. Put it on a sieve and let the water drain.
  2. Mix rice vinegar, honey, soy sauce and oil. Squeeze the juice from the lemon and add it to the dish with the dressing.
  3. Add the dressing to the seaweed salad and sprinkle it with sesame seeds. You can pre-fry it in a dry pan so that the taste becomes more pronounced.
  4. Mix thoroughly and serve.
Рецепт салату Вакаме

Wakame seaweed has a more neutral taste than, for example, kelp. It does not have a characteristic iodine aftertaste, which allows you to successfully add this product to everyday dishes even for those who are just getting to know Asian cuisine. Such a salad can be used as a side dish for meat dishes, as a snack or an independent dish. It will especially appeal to vegans because it contains only plant ingredients and at the same time is very satiating. The unique taste of seaweed will be emphasized by a delicious sweet and sour dressing with light nutty notes of sesame and sesame oil. Be sure to try the exotic Wakame salad, which will surely captivate you and your friends!

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