Рецепт овочевого ролу в кунжуті Продукція Катана для роллу овочевого в кунжуті Приготування овочевого ролу Рецепт овочевого ролу в кунжуті
Cooking 45 minutes

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Vegetable roll in sesame

Initially, rolls were served as an independent nutritious dish, but over time many varieties appeared. For example, there are light vegetable rolls that can be served as a snack. Today we will share one such recipe — we will tell you how to cook sushi with vegetables in sesame. You should definitely try this dish — with our tips, the rolls will turn out juicy, bright and original!

Продукція Катана для роллу овочевого в кунжуті

The ingredients

First of all, let’s make sure that we have all the necessary ingredients for cooking and bring them to room temperature. According to the classic recipe for vegetable sushi, one portion weighs 225 g. For such a dish, we will need:

Приготування овочевого ролу

The preparation steps

So, now you will learn how to make sushi with sesame quickly and deliciously. With our tips, it will be simple — you need to take a few steps.

  1. Let’s cut a sheet of nori seaweed in width. We use half of the sheet.
  2. Let’s put it on the mat with the rough side up and add the ready-boiled seasoned rice to the surface. It should lie in a dense even layer but do not forget to leave 1.5 cm of free space from the upper edge of the seaweed.
  3. Now turn the workpiece over so that the rice is on the bottom, and the free edge of the seaweed is closer to you. Cut the vegetables into strips and place them in the center. Put the chopped salad and basil here.
  4. Let’s roll the mat.
  5. After breading the resulting rolls in sesame, cut them with a sharp knife, previously moistened with water, into eight equal parts.
  6. We recommend that you serve it with “Classic” soy sauce, wasabi and ginger.
Рецепт овочевого ролу в кунжуті

This recipe is one of the free variations on the theme of sushi. Only rice and nori remain from Asian cuisine, and the filling is more reminiscent of an Italian dish because tomatoes and basil play the main role here. You can experiment with the ingredients — for example, yellow bell pepper will add more bright colors to the cut of the roll. You can also take purple basil, but remember that its taste is richer and spicier. You can decorate with both white and black sesame, and it is even better to use a mixture of them or even lay out a beautiful pattern from the seeds.

Thanks to our recipe, you now know how to make rolls at home quickly and deliciously. Create culinary masterpieces in your kitchen, and every day will become brighter and more pleasant with such exquisite dishes!

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