Спрінг-роли з овочами в рисовому папері Інгредієнти для спрінг-роли з овочами в рисовому папері Інгредієнти для спрінг-роли з овочами в рисовому папері Спрінг-роли з овочами в рисовому папері
Cooking 8 minutes

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Spring rolls with vegetables in rice paper

Spring rolls are rolls made of special thin rice paper, in which any fillings can be wrapped: vegetables, meat, fish, noodles and even fruits. Today we offer you to prepare spring rolls with vegetables together. The filling is bright and contrasting: brown mushrooms, blue cabbage, green salad and cucumber. The taste combination is also very interesting: soft spicy mushrooms, sweet-salty unagi sauce and crunchy fresh vegetables. Together, they create a delicious dish with an exotic oriental flavor.

Інгредієнти для спрінг-роли з овочами в рисовому папері

The ingredients of spring rolls with vegetables

Let’s start cooking! To make two servings of spring rolls in rice paper, you will need the following products:

Інгредієнти для спрінг-роли з овочами в рисовому папері

The steps of cooking vegetable spring rolls

To create tasty and colorful spring rolls, we need to perform the following actions:

  1. Let’s take a saucepan, pour water into it and put mushrooms. Bring to a boil, put on medium heat and cook for another half hour (they should become soft).
  2. In the meantime, cut the cucumber into strips (the same should be done with the cooked shiitake), and cut the cabbage into small pieces.
  3. After the mushrooms have cooled, cut them into strips and add the unagi sauce.
  4. Wet the rice paper with water, put it on the table and remove excess moisture by blotting it with a clean, dry towel.
  5. Spread the vegetables, salad and mushrooms evenly over the entire surface of a sheet of rice paper;
  6. Let’s wrap everything in a roll — we recommend using a special makisu mat, which is usually used for making sushi. To do this, bend the side parts inward as tightly as possible and twist the roll, helping yourself with a mat. You can wrap it by hand, like cabbage rolls. Let’s cut it in half diagonally — this way you can see the filling better, and it’s easier to dip the roll in the sauce.
  7. We recommend serving the dish with soy sauce, pickled ginger petals and wasabi.
Спрінг-роли з овочами в рисовому папері

Now you know the recipe for vegetable spring rolls. Be sure to prepare them in your kitchen to surprise your family and friends! In China, they are traditionally prepared with the arrival of spring — hence the name. At first, they were filled with the first gifts of spring — bean sprouts and fresh vegetables. Usually, bright components should be present in the filling — they shine through the thin shell of the rice cake and make the appearance of the dish more original. And patterns are formed on the surface of translucent paper, which makes the rolls even more elegant. In order for the rolls to keep their shape well, there must be hard, crunchy vegetables inside.

It is very difficult to make rice paper at home — it is better to buy it in advance and use it for making rolls. Such paper is made in accordance with all requirements, so it will not fall apart or, on the contrary, bend poorly. Its composition is as simple as possible: salt, water, rice flour and sometimes tapioca flour is added. But applying this dough correctly to the form and drying it is not an easy task.

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