Рецепт соби з овочами Ингредиенты для собы с овощами Ингредиенты для собы с овощами Рецепт соби з овочами
Cooking 25 minutes

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Recipe for soba with vegetables

Soba noodles is a very popular ingredient in many Asian dishes. These are dark noodles made of buckwheat flour with a slight addition of wheat. They are very filling, with a pronounced nutty taste and aroma. This dish is served both cold with broth, and hot as a side dish or the basis of noodle dishes — for example, today we will tell you how to cook soba noodles with vegetables and mushrooms. The dish is bright and aromatic thanks to the colorful vegetables. Crispy carrots, juicy peppers, spicy onions and delicate mushrooms perfectly complement each other, creating a perfect composition. Let’s quickly prepare this recipe for Soba with vegetables! With our tips, you will get everything ready quickly, it will turn out very tasty, and you will definitely surprise and please your loved ones.

Ингредиенты для собы с овощами

The ingredients

To prepare two portions of the recipe for soba with vegetables, you will need:

  • 40 g — blue onion, bell pepper, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, carrot;
  • 150 g — buckwheat soba noodles;
  • 30 g — Katana “Classic” soy sauce;
  • 20 g — Katana “Unagi” sauce;
  • 25 g — sunflower oil;
  • Sesame, greens and peanuts to taste.
Ингредиенты для собы с овощами

The preparation steps

So, let’s start cooking soba with vegetables. The recipe consists of a few simple steps:

  1. Pour water into a pan, bring it to a boil and throw the noodles into it. Put on a small fire and boil until ready (the exact time is indicated on the package). Remove and rinse with cold water, which will help to avoid sticking.
  2. Cut all the vegetables and mushrooms into thin strips and fry them in a pan greased with oil. To do this, you will need to wait a minute or a half on medium heat.
  3. Now add the boiled noodles, pour soy sauce and unagi sauce over it. The final stage of cooking takes one minute.
  4. Let’s divide the dish into two portions. Now let’s decorate it to your taste: if you want to add crunch and nutty notes, sprinkle with sesame or peanuts, and to refresh the dish, you can add greens. Everything is ready, all that remains is to serve it to the table.
Рецепт соби з овочами

Different recipes of soba are often used by vegetarians and vegans — these noodles are very nutritious, so you can not add animal products. It will also taste great for those who are fasting. To make the vegetable dish even tastier, we recommend combining two types of sauces — classic soy and thick, sweet unagi. This will make the taste deeper and richer. Create a real culinary masterpiece of Asian cuisine at home in just twenty minutes — a very tasty recipe for soba with vegetables will definitely please you and your loved ones!

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