Рецепт ролу з лососем у рисовому папері рецепт Катана Продуты для ролла с лососем в рисовой бумаге Рецепт приготовления ролла с лососем в рисовой бумаге Рецепт ролу з лососем у рисовому папері рецепт Катана
Cooking 15 minutes

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Salmon roll recipe in rice paper

Rice paper, or harumaki, is a common ingredient in Asian dishes. It is most often used to prepare spring rolls — a traditional dish of China and Vietnam — thin rice cakes in which almost any filling can be wrapped, most often fresh vegetables and meat with sauce or fruit with cream. Not so long ago, they started cooking sushi in such a shell — rice paper does not have such a pronounced taste as nori sheets, but it helps to keep its shape just as well. Today we want to invite you to cook with us very tasty rolls with rice paper and salmon, vegetables and cream cheese — let’s start as soon as possible!

Продуты для ролла с лососем в рисовой бумаге

The ingredients

First of all, you should take care of fresh, high-quality ingredients, which will make cooking a real pleasure and easily achieve an excellent result. For two portions of sushi in rice paper, we will need:

  • 2 sheets — Katana rice paper;
  • 40 g — fresh cucumber and sweet bell pepper;
  • 2 leaves — your favorite salad;
  • 40 g — cream cheese;
  • 40 g — lightly salted salmon.
Рецепт приготовления ролла с лососем в рисовой бумаге

The preparation steps

The preparatory stage is over, let’s start cooking rolls at home. The step-by-step recipe is given below — it is not difficult at all, and with our help, you will prepare it in no time at all!

  1. Wet the harumaki leaf with running clean water for a few seconds. Spread it on the mat, removing the remaining moisture with a clean, dry towel.
  2. Cut the vegetables into strips, and the fish into small pieces. Place cucumber, pepper, lettuce and salmon in the center. Add cream cheese here. Remember that it is necessary to leave a part of the harumaki free (about 1.5 cm) so that it is easier to wrap the rolls.
  3. Holding the filling with your index fingers, carefully wrap everything in a roll. The finished roll in rice paper can be cut into 4-6 parts and served.
Рецепт ролу з лососем у рисовому папері рецепт Катана

The combination of soft cheese and tender salmon, complemented by fresh, crunchy vegetables, is always a winner. In addition, these ingredients have contrasting colors and will shine beautifully through the thin rice paper — every guest will be happy with such an elegant treat!

Be sure to prepare these appetizing rolls at home — with our tips it will be very easy! Organize a small culinary holiday, spending very little time — it will take less than an hour to create this delicious dish, after which you can enjoy delicious sushi with rice paper and salmon, sharing this deliciousness with your family and friends.

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