Рецепт макі ролу з крабовим м'ясом Інгредієнти Katana Рецепт макі роллу з крабовим мясом Рецепт макі ролу з крабовим м'ясом
Cooking 45 minutes

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Recipe for maki roll with crab meat

Snow crab meat is a real delicacy. Sometimes it is added to sushi, but most often they use an imitation — crab sticks. They also have a delicate texture and a characteristic taste of seafood. The history of surimi (stuffed ocean fish) stretches back almost a thousand years — this product was first mentioned in the beginning of the 12th century. The recipe for high-quality crab sticks has hardly changed during this time: the meat of white oceanic fish is ground, washed, squeezed out of water and pressed. Dense rolls are obtained, which are convenient to use for preparing many dishes, including rolls. Today we want to cook such sushi with you!

Інгредієнти Katana

The ingredients for maki roll with crab meat

So, let’s start cooking. The maki roll with crab meat (for a portion of 110 g) includes the following products:

Рецепт макі роллу з крабовим мясом

The steps of cooking maki roll with crab meat

It is not difficult to prepare kani maki — just follow our recommendations, and you will have the tastiest rolls!

  1. Cut a sheet of nori in half and place it on a bamboo mat with the rough side up.
  2. Carefully lay out the prepared seasoned rice in a dense, even layer. Ultimately, only one and a half centimeters of the upper edge of the nori sheet should remain free.
  3. Do not turn the mat over, the empty part of the nori sheet should be at the top. Coat the rice with spicy wasabi.
  4. Cut the crab meat into strips. If you use crab sticks, you can put them whole or cut them into small pieces.
  5. Wrap the roll using a special mat for sushi, having previously slightly moistened the free edge of the seaweed with water.
  6. Decorate the roll with unagi sauce and sesame seeds.
  7. Cut the roll with a sharp knife, previously moistened with water, into 6-8 pieces and serve it with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger.

Now you know how to make rolls with crab meat that can captivate your friends and turn any day into a small holiday. Be sure to please yourself and your loved ones with a delicious meal!

Рецепт макі ролу з крабовим м'ясом
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