Рецепт ролу Філадельфія з лососем Продукція Katana Приготування ролу Філадельфія Рецепт ролу Філадельфія з лососем
Cooking 45 minutes

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Philadelphia roll recipe with salmon

Philadelphia salmon rolls are a very popular sushi set around the world. The recipe was invented in New York — the chef liked the combination of mild Philadelphia cheese and slices of lightly salted salmon in a bagel so much that he decided to transfer it to sushi, the dish which at that time was just beginning to enter the American menu. Unlike other seafood, this fish is found in America and is quite popular among the local residents, so they liked such rolls. Another highlight of this type of sushi is that the fish is not hidden in the filling, but placed on top of the rice, and thanks to the fairly bright color of the meat, they look very nice! Let’s cook this dish together.

Продукція Katana

The ingredients for Philadelphia rolls with salmon

For the recipe of Philadelphia sushi with salmon (for a portion of 250 g) you will need:

Приготування ролу Філадельфія

The steps for making Philadelphia sushi with salmon

Let’s quickly get all the products out of the fridge, bring them to room temperature and start cooking!

  1. Let’s cut a sheet of nori seaweed in width. We’ll use one of the halves.
  2. We will put it on a bamboo mat with the rough side up, add ready-boiled seasoned rice to the surface. It should lie in a dense even layer but do not forget to leave 1.5 cm of free space from the upper edge of the seaweed.
  3. Now we will turn the workpiece so that the rice is at the bottom, and the free edge of the seaweed is closer to us. Place the fish and sliced cucumber in the center across the entire width and add the cream cheese.
  4. Let’s roll the bamboo mat into a roll.
  5. Cover the resulting rolls with slices of skinned salmon at an angle of 45 degrees and cut into eight equal parts with a sharp, pre-wetted knife.
  6. It is best to serve sushi with soy sauce, ginger petals and wasabi.

Now you can treat your relatives and friends with these delicious salmon and Philadelphia cheese rolls! Be sure to try to cook this unique dish and enjoy its exquisite taste.

Рецепт ролу Філадельфія з лососем
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