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Maki roll recipe with salmon

Today we offer to prepare together one of the popular varieties of sushi – maki roll with salmon. This fish has long won the hearts of people from all over the world due to its exquisite taste, delicate texture, benefits and nutrition. Therefore, siake maki is a set that is ordered very often. In addition to its taste qualities, it also looks very beautiful when cut, thanks to the flesh of the fish with a characteristic salmon color. Salmon is rarely served in its raw form – the lightly salted version is best. We suggest emphasizing its taste with spicy wasabi, not only serving it with the set, but also adding it to the filling.

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Ingredients for maki roll with salmon

Let’s start cooking quickly! According to the shaki maki recipe, to create one portion (110 g) we will need the following ingredients:

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Steps for making maki roll with salmon

Preparing maki rolls is as simple as possible. To do this, you need to perform several manipulations with products:

  1. Cut the nori sheet in half and place it on a bamboo mat or a special sushi mat with the rough side up.
  2. Carefully lay out the prepared seasoned rice in a dense, even layer. In the finale, only one and a half centimeters of the upper edge of the nori sheet should remain free.
  3. Do not turn the mat over, the empty side of the nori sheet should be at the top. Coat the rice with spicy wasabi.
  4. Clean the fish from the skin and bones, cut it into strips and spread it across the entire width of the sheet in the center.
  5. Wrap the roll using a special mat for sushi, having previously slightly moistened the free edge of the seaweed with water.
  6. Cut the roll with a sharp knife, previously moistened with water, into 6-8 pieces and serve it with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger.

Maki rolls are a true reflection of ascetic Japanese philosophy. These are thin rolls that include traditional rice, nori and only one type of filling to be tasted. Therefore, the main ingredient should be as fresh and high-quality as possible, and the task of rice and nori is to emphasize its exquisite taste.

Portions of such sushi are small, so several types are often combined in one set. To prepare one roll, take half a sheet of nori, otherwise the roll will not be flat, but will twist in the form of a snail. Due to the small amount of filling, the roll is thin, so we advise you to roll it very tightly.

In addition, today we want to share with you tips from our practice that will help you choose salmon for maki rolls. The quality of fish for sushi must be top notch, otherwise you risk at least spoiling the dish, and in the worst case, harming your health. Therefore, it is worth following simple rules for choosing high-quality salmon:

Check the composition indicated on the package: there should be only fish and salt. All chemical additives can change the taste and harm health.
If there is water in the package, set it aside: this indicates either that the fish is not fresh or that it was not properly packaged.
The fillet should be a characteristic pale pink color. Too pale a shade indicates that the fish has undergone several freezes and thaws, too saturated – to the use of dyes. If the color is red-brown, then the fish is old.

Before you start cooking, take the fish out of the vacuum packaging and let it rest for 20 minutes – this way you will get rid of the specific pungent smell that is often formed in such storage conditions.

Now, at any time, you can prepare maki sushi with salmon at home to surprise your family, please your guests, or just have a tasty snack. Our recipe for salmon maca roll is as simple as possible and available to everyone! Create culinary masterpieces with our recipes just in your own kitchen!

Рецепт макі ролу з лососем
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