Рецепт ролу Золотий Дракон від Katana продукция для ролла Золотой дракон Рецепт ролла Золотой Дракон Рецепт ролу Золотий Дракон від Katana
Cooking 45 minutes

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Golden Dragon roll recipe

Uramaki, or inside-out rolls, is a dish that was invented in North America. In Japan, rice and filling were traditionally wrapped in a nori sheet, but American and Canadian restaurant visitors were sometimes put off by the unusual appearance and smell of seaweed. Therefore, local sushi makers resorted to a little trick — they got used to wrapping the rolls so that the outside was rice sprinkled with caviar or sesame, and the nori remained inside. The uramaki also includes the unusual Golden Dragon sushi, which we suggest you cook with us.

This type of role was invented in the 70s of the last century in the USA. Sushi masters took the popular Philadelphia sushi as a basis, but decorated it in an original way and added a loud exotic name. These rolls really resemble a mythical dragon — the smoked eel has a pleasant golden color, and its sharp tip resembles a dragon’s tail. Since then, this submission has become very common.

продукция для ролла Золотой дракон

The ingredients of Golden Dragon rolls

We will tell you all the subtleties of cooking this dish. So, the Golden Dragon sushi includes the following ingredients:

Рецепт ролла Золотой Дракон

The steps for making Golden Dragon sushi

It is not so difficult to prepare these rolls. The main thing is to follow our advice!

  1. Let’s cut a sheet of nori seaweed in width. We use half of the sheet.
  2. Put it on a bamboo mat with the rough side up and add ready-boiled seasoned rice to the surface. It should lie in a dense even layer, but do not forget to leave 1.5 cm of free space at the top edge of the seaweed.
  3. Now we will turn the workpiece so that the rice is at the bottom, and the free edge of the seaweed is closer to us. Place a cucumber cut into strips across the entire width in the center, adding cream cheese.
  4. Let’s twist the mat into a roll.
  5. Add the smoked eel fillet to the roll — it should be about 5 cm longer, we recommend cutting off the excess meat and using it to fill other sushi. Peel the fillet from the skin and place it on the rice so that the meat protrudes slightly from the edges, especially the tail. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
  6. Cut the roll into eight equal parts with a sharp, pre-wetted knife. Place on a plate in the form of a snake.
  7. We recommend serving sushi with ginger petals, wasabi and unagi sauce, which will advantageously emphasize the taste of smoked eel.

In addition to the excellent taste, these rolls are distinguished by an unusual presentation. We would like to offer you several original design methods from our practice.

Рецепт ролу Золотий Дракон від Katana

How to decorate Golden Dragon rolls

In general, these sushi look elegant and appetizing by themselves, but if you want to make a real surprise and show all your skill, you can additionally decorate the rolls to match their name. For design, we suggest using the following products:

  1. From thin slices of cucumber with skin, you can make dragon wings, its mustache and horns and put them immediately after the first roll that imitates the head.
  2. In this case, only the “body” of the dragon should be sprinkled with sesame seeds — the seeds will represent the creature’s scales. Eyes can also be made from the bubble skin of a cucumber.
  3. Bulgarian pepper will also come in handy — red will make a bright dragon’s tongue, and yellow will make glowing eyes. You can also cut horns from it.
  4. Mustaches, horns and eyes will also come out of fresh, bright carrots.
  5. You can use pieces of nori for the eyes and nostrils.
  6. Horns and mustaches can also be made from green onion feathers — it will be a bright accent.

How to choose smoked eel

This product is considered a delicacy and is not cheap, so you should approach its choice with all responsibility. We have collected the best tips for you to help you choose the perfect fish!

  1. First of all, pay attention to the packaging — it must be vacuum-sealed and intact. If there is any damage, return the fish to the shelf.
  2. The length of a proper fillet is from 30 to 50 cm, and the weight ranges from 250 to 300 g.
  3. A certain amount of marinade should remain in the package.
  4. Even if you buy frozen fish, it should look beautiful. The color of the meat should remain saturated and appetizing, without cloudiness. There should be no ice crust on it.

Now you know how to prepare Golden Dragon rolls yourself, choose the right ingredients and beautifully decorate the set. Be sure to prepare this dish for the upcoming holiday — your loved ones will be grateful!

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