Боніто роли Продукція катана для боніто ролів Рецепти Katana Боніто роли Боніто роли
Cooking 45 minutes

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Bonito rolls

Since the rolls began to be cooked with rice on the outside, not only the taste, but also the appearance became important in them. Sesame seeds, tobiko caviar or masago stick well to glutinous rice, but there is another breading option — sushi with tuna chips. This product goes especially well with salmon, so it is often used to fill this type of rolls.

Продукція катана для боніто ролів

The ingredients for making rolls with tuna chips

The composition of bonito sushi is quite simple. Let’s quickly prepare everything we need and start cooking! For two portions we will need:

Рецепти Katana Боніто роли

The steps for making bonito sushi

To prepare a roll with tuna chips, we need to go through several stages. We will share with you all the subtleties tested on our own experience. So, let’s start:

  1. Cut the nori sheet in half widthwise and use half of the sheet.
  2. On the rough side of the nori sheet, spread the cooked seasoned rice in a dense, even layer over the entire surface, leaving the upper wide edge of the sheet empty by 1.5 cm. Turn the blank with the rice down so that the free edge is closer to us.
  3. Place cream cheese in the center, as well as vegetables and fish cut into strips.
  4. Form a roll of the required shape using a bamboo mat.
  5. Bread the resulting roll in tuna shavings and cut it into 8 equal parts. You don’t need to press the bonito roll hard — it will turn out fluffy and nice without any extra effort. It is not necessary to roll the roll, you can simply sprinkle it with shavings — it sticks well to the rice.
  6. Serve with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi.
Боніто роли

In this recipe, we used an unusual breading — tuna shavings. To obtain it, the fillets of this fish are first boiled to remove excess fat, then smoked and dried until the meat becomes very hard — it takes from six months to two years, and as a result, only a fifth of the weight of the product remains. After that, the obtained bars are crushed using a special planer. Dried tuna flakes are usually used to prepare dashi broth, and they are also added to boiled rice or mashed potatoes — the thin flakes seem to dance on the hot dish. And sushi makers found another application that their customers really liked — breading of rolls.

Now you know the recipe for Bonito Maca Rolls and interesting facts about tuna. We hope that this beautiful and tasty dish will take an important place among your favorite dishes! We also advise you to familiarize yourself with our lifehacks for cooking Asian dishes!

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