Tips for roll twisting

Going to a restaurant or ordering a set of sushi at home is a fairly common way of spending leisure time. However, cooking them yourself is a very fun process, especially if you do it in the company of friends or family. However, there are often doubts about how to properly twist the rolls with your own hands. We hasten to assure you – today we will share with you all the subtleties, tested in practice, how to roll sushi, and you will always get beautiful and tasty rolls!

What devices will we need?

Before rolling the rolls, it is worth making sure that you have everything you need. If we follow the canon, we need a special bamboo mat, which should preferably be wrapped in cling film so that it does not get dirty in the process. However, you can use “at hand” means – for example, baking parchment or foil. The main thing is to fold them in several layers for greater density.

How to roll sushi?

This task is not very easy, but with our tips on how to twist the rollers correctly, you will definitely succeed! So, we start cooking:

  1. Take a mat and half a sheet of nori seaweed. Let’s put it with the rough side on the mat.
  2. Now spread the cooked rice in an even layer, leaving 1-1.5 centimeters free on one of the long sides. Trying not to damage the layer, turn the nori so that the rice is on the mat. Before rolling the sushi, put several strips of filling in the middle of the sheet. Favorite products should be prepared in advance and cut into strips.
  3. Lift the mat from the free side and twist it, carefully holding it with your thumbs. Fix the mat at the moment when the filling is completely covered, and seal the roll.
  4. Let’s make several rotations so that the filling is inside, and the cereal is evenly distributed throughout the thickness. We will periodically compact the workpiece and give it the desired shape – round or square. By the way, according to our experience, it is square rolls that turn out to be the densest.
  5. After 5–7 minutes, cut the resulting roll into 6–8 pieces. We recommend doing this with a sharp knife, periodically dipping it in cold water acidified with vinegar.
  6. Sprinkle the finished rolls with sesame seeds and serve with wasabi, ginger and classic soy sauce.

Now you know how to roll a Philadelphia roll or any other so that it is beautiful and does not fall apart. A little practice and your sushi will always be perfect! Soon you yourself will be able to give a master class to your friends on how to roll a roll correctly.