Calorie content of sushi and rolls

Sushi and rolls are particularly popular. With avocado, cucumber, seafood, salmon, tuna, eel. Vegan sushi, hot, baked or even sweet – the choice is huge!

Against such variety, a logical question arises: how many calories are in sushi and rolls?

Calorie and benefits of sushi

Dishes of Japanese cuisine are prepared from fresh natural raw materials. This is the main secret, the condition for a rich and complete taste. And the Japanese do not like fatty “snacks”, that is why they prepare dishes with a minimum number of calories.

The benefit of sushi and rolls is that:⠀

  • they are quickly assimilated
  • accelerate metabolism
  • normalize brain activity
  • several times lower cholesterol indicators.

The moderate calorie content of sushi and rolls quickly quenches hunger without harming the figure, so they can be used even on a healthy diet. Moreover, nutritionists advise to “introduce” Japanese cuisine into the diet, but no more than 2 times a day.

However, the large number and variety of ingredients in one role still makes many doubt their low-calorie content.

Let’s calculate the weight of rolls and sushi, as well as determine the size of an acceptable portion – to dismiss all doubts and enjoy Japanese cuisine!

To begin with, let’s divide the dish into its key components and examine it “under the microscope”.

The main ingredient is glutinous rice. The calorie content of one tablespoon of this cereal is approximately 345 kcal / 100 g.

Another important ingredient is fresh seafood. The number of calories depends on the selected product and the type of its processing. That is why there are much more calories in baked (warm) rolls than in traditional classic dishes.

Fresh vegetables and cheese are also used for cooking – they affect nutrition and taste. The more cheese and seafood, the higher the calorie content of the rolls!

Japanese “snacks” are appetizing and quite nutritious – on average, one portion contains 160-190 kcal. Thus, a set of 6-8 rolls can replace an ordinary office lunch – but how tasty and rich in important trace elements (Omega-3 and B vitamins) it will be!

Number of calories in dry California

By the way, this roll “came” to us not from Japan, but from the USA. That is why its name coincides with the name of an American state!

We shared the recipe for the perfect California roll with salmon in sesame on Katana’s blog.

The calorie content of “California” sushi per 100 g is about 180 kcal:

  • 8 g of proteins
  • 10 g of fats
  • up to 19 g of carbohydrates.

How many calories in Philadelphia Sushi?

This roll is no less popular than “California”. It is quite variable: depending on the ingredients, the calorie content of “Philadelphia” sushi can vary.

As a rule, a roll consists of rice, cream cheese, slices of cucumber and chopped green onion feathers. All these ingredients are wrapped in nori leaves, and the outer surface is covered with thin slices of red fish.

KBZHU rolls “Philadelphia” per 100 g is about 143-145 kcal:

  • 8-9 g of proteins
  • 7 g of fat
  • up to 13 g of carbohydrates.

Now you know that you can not worry about your figure and enjoy Japanese cuisine to your heart’s content.

And we will gladly show you how not only to prepare sushi and rolls, but also share a unique sushi-cake recipe from our brand chef!