Set for cooking WOK bean noodles + WOK oyster sauce Katana

Set for cooking WOK bean noodles

+ WOK oyster sauce
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Weight: 330 g

Code: 6703

By purchasing the ready-made Katana set for cooking WOK Bean Noodles in Oyster Sauce, you save time on preparation and searching for products for your lunch or dinner. All the ingredients are already prepared here, based on the preparation of noodles for 2-3 servings. This is especially convenient if you have limited time and want to prepare a quick and tasty meal for your loved ones.

Save time and money. Cook at home like in a restaurant!

Composition of the set:

  1. Bean noodles
  2. Oyster sauce
  3. Dried mushrooms
  4. A mixture of spices
  5. Chili pepper flakes
  6. Bamboo sticks
  7. Recommended list of additional ingredients for the perfect dish
  8. Instructions and photo recommendations for cooking WOK dishes.

WOK bean noodles in oyster sauce recipe